The plan for our annual cruise is: we leave on the 3rd of April, get to Parbold the first day and to Crooke the second day.
Hair dresser and beautician on the 2nd of April, as well as a goodbye meal, made by Marc.
That is the plan.

Hair dresser, beautician and meal go according to plan (hair makes me 10 years younger, beautician doesn’t change things a lot, and meal is absolutely delicious).
But leaving on the 3rd? No. Not in that kind of weather.

We manage to leave on the 4th of April.
But getting to Parbold? Not in that kind of weather. Burscough is far enough (just where I was yesterday, to go to my hair dresser).

Only at Parbold

So instead of being well past Wigan on the 5th, we’re only at Parbold.

There still is a very strong wind, and once in a while we get icy rain. Just not the kind of weather for pleasantly cruising.

I wonder, do we mix up our seasons?

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