Most countries on the continent will broadcast the New Year’s Concert in Vienna. I didn’t spot it in the TV-guide, although BBC Two did show it. So I missed it.


But that’s not a problem. Ann has bought two tickets for me and her, to go to the New Year’s Concert of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra in Perth. So for the first time in ages I find myself in a concert hall.

What a difference. It’s absolutely packed (except for the first two rows), nobody is dressed up, and looking from my seat towards the stage is like looking out over a great white-cabbage field. All I see is round, white heads. Well, grey, of course… And I’m not that much different, I must admit.

Sport Polka, Steeplechase Polka, William Tell Overture, Overture to Die Fledermaus, Emperor Waltz and, of course, Blue Danube, conductor and violinist Joseph Swensen brings us classical music’s finest waltzes and polkas. Sometimes I even see a hint of André Rieu.

If I’m honest, I must admit that I do miss making music, or playing in an orchestra. Maybe I should take a look at what The Atkinson in Southport has to offer.

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