And that’s what we do. I manage to get an appointment with the beautician, and with my favorite hair dresser.

We play golf at The Warwickshire Golf and Country Club. And won’t play that course again. Why? Well, imagine having a huge basket with all the possible hazards one can encounter on a golf course, at least fifty of each. Shake the basket well, and then empty the basket over the golf course-to-be. Voila, an American style course, that looks absolutely pretty, but is absolutely no fun to play. The only places without hazards are the greens. No, never again.

Warwickshire Golf & Country Club

After the necessary shopping we leave Saltersford Canal Centre, on our way to Braunston. The weather is fine, we moor up with view of the local church (yes, they have their practise night tonight) and I sell two normal teacup pincushions plus a teacup with saucer!

The next day it’s me on the tiller. The weather is amazing. No water from above, and not a lot of water underneath WRT.

Low tide

We get to Long Itchington, the only place we stopped at last year that I couldn’t remember. Even now I hardly have a view in my mind of the place!

Then a long and early day takes us to Braunston. To meet up with Dubbel Dutch , and Christine, a friend of Lawrance, with her pal Christel. Both Dubbel Dutch and the two C’s are at The Boat House (not that they know each other at this stage), and Martin manages to persuade the boat behind Dubbel Dutch to wait until we have turned around and occupy that space.

Two for One

We do the stern gland, turn the battery switch onto 2 and switch the inverter off. Then it’s pub time. Here we are: Annemarie, Martin, Izaac, Kristine and me (Dutch), Christel (German), and only two natives. Having a very good afternoon and evening.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the boat across from us also belongs to a Dutch couple…
Has the continent taken over the most famous canal place?

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