I realize now what I didn’t do when I started de-cluttering my house. I should have taken pictures of how things used to be. But I never imagined it would be so different. I only realize that now, after I more or less emptied my storage cellar, hoovered it and got rid of all the spiderwebs. I just can not stop going downstairs, to make sure it’s real, and I’m not dreaming! It feels like being a stranger in one’s own house!

OK, I admit, now the garage is full of stuff, but that only takes a trip to the skip, possible with a small trailer this time.

I think I’ve also finished hoarding my empty boxes. I started re-using some of them already. So this is about the biggest the hoard will get.

Empty boxes

Empty boxes

There are 95 boxes in the picture. I’ve re-used three already, so I emptied 98 boxes with paper.
I’m speechless…!

But they are all in the DIY-cellar, and that needs to be more or less empty as well. So I start breaking apart the boxes. With the following situation as temporary end result.

Empty boxes reduced

Empty boxes reduced

The boxes on the left I will use for carrying things to the skip, the second hand store or even to the UK. The boxes on the right I will keep for now (NO, I’M NOT HOARDING!). They are both sturdy and small, and might come handy for storing things on the boat. The pile in the middle is waste.

And after I’ve done this I’m able to clean this cellar, and also the already more or less empty wine cellar.
Did I just hear a faint echo in the distance when I walked through the basement?

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