YOUR TURN’S OVER! That was on one of my birthday cards. From people here in the marina, who call themselves our friends. It kind of tells you what life is for me, in the marina. But saying that, at least they gave me a birthday card. Because I’m not on Facebook, most people don’t even Read More →

I’m just reading the new posts she put on the weblog, and I have the feeling she left out an important part of the cruising. So it is up to me to fill in the gaps. After spending some days with Pat and Stephen in Salt, they start cruising back to the Staffs&Worcs. And after Read More →

Well, that’s us back in the marina. We spent our last night out at the Fishes. In fact, I should say last nights, because with 40 miles/hour winds it’s pointless to go to the marina, and moor up outside… So it’s time for the usual (boring?) statistics. I know, it’s not the end of the Read More →

I did it! I just arrived at Stafford Boat Club, after nine days of cruising, doing 61.5 miles and 44 locks. This was the last of my single handed cruising days. What puzzles me at the moment, though, is that it took me 30¼ hours on my own, while in 2016 it took us 34½ Read More →

Wheaton Aston lock. An ordinary Shroppie lock. Although I slept well, I’m still a bit anxious. Linda gave me the confidence, but this is the first lock I will do TOTALLY ON MY OWN! As per usual I start early. This enables me to do the lock without gongoozlers, or other boats. So I can Read More →

While Lawrance is loosing balls and teeths in Portugal (and probably winning himself a Jester’s hat) me and WRT are starting to head home before the winter stoppages begin. I know, we’ve been out on our own before (see Girl’s weekend out), but that was on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. A canal with almost Read More →

I’m very proud of myself. Today I managed to make a bung* that matches the quilt. I just have to show it…! *Bung: a stopper, especially in the bunghole of a cask; or, in canal terms: a porthole stopper.

Around 32,443 stitches. More than 81 metres. Exactly 54 blocks. Around 25 different fabrics. Over 20 years. Nine rows. Six columns. Two hands. One quilt.

Today would (or should) have been my wedding anniversary. Today thirty five years ago I had to marry. No, it’s not what you think right now. I wasn’t pregnant, no way. Kids were not part of my career planning. Although I must admit, looking at this picture…?! It was my legal entry to the US. Read More →

We’re on the move almost every second day. We’ve cruised 86 days so far, this year. So when we find out that Pat and Stephen are close by, we decide to spend a few days with them. Five days we are in Salt (we will be cured by now, I presume, but edible???). It gives Read More →