As soon as I have finished the previous post, the weather improves. So I put my shoes on, get my jacket and camera, and I’m off. I think it’s pointless to go all the way to Llangollen and not see any of it. The canal towards the falls is still navigable for a while. And Read More →

Nothing happens without a reason. I leave WRT at 9 o’clock and make my way to the village centre. The plans are to take the 10:40 hr steam train to Carrog, have a look around, head back towards Llangollen but get off the train in Berwyn. That’s close to the Horseshoe Falls, so I can Read More →

I’m sitting at the dinette with a view of a lift bridge, and I’m told to feel at home. We’ll, I guess that’s what CRT means, but whatever they mean, they’re speaking shite. When going through Grindley Brook Staircase Locks we get a leaflet from the volunteer about the area around Grindley Brook and Whitchurch. Read More →

Usually I’m a happy boat. I like gliding through the waters of the English canals. I enjoy the odd challenge of 60 m/hr winds, or empty ponds, or girls only weekends out. But now I’m full of questions… Does he check the head light, before entering Preston Brook Tunnel on full speed? Does he slow Read More →

The plan for our annual cruise is: we leave on the 3rd of April, get to Parbold the first day and to Crooke the second day. Hair dresser and beautician on the 2nd of April, as well as a goodbye meal, made by Marc. That is the plan. Hair dresser, beautician and meal go according Read More →

… a day makes! No, that’s the song, not the facts. Not 24 little hours, but 459 more cruising hours, and 123 more days on the tiller, of which 9 days of single handed cruising. That’s the difference between the first Girl’s Weekend Out in 2017 and this year’s. And what a difference. Of course Read More →

It’s a remarkable weekend. On the 23rd of March 2003 me and Lawrance met. On the 23rd of March 2014 we got confirmation that we were the proud owners of WRT. On the 23rd of March 2019 we’re on a breakfast cruise to the New Scarisbrick Arms (not that this is very remarkable. It’s only Read More →

Finally a day that we have at least a change to get back in the marina. No storms lurking around the corner, only light rain. Everybody is so eager to go back, that at 9:30 hrs they are all gone, bar us. Although we had agreed about leaving at 11:00 hrs. But if one does Read More →

After our epic cruise into Liverpool, Bob says: “Let’s go to Chinatown for supper.” Chinatown, China, flotilla… it sets my mind thinking: Can Magda’s Flotilla go around the (culinairy) world in seven days? Beat Phileas Fogg? Shall we give it a try? So our first stop is China. In restaurant Jumbo City we have an Read More →

Then, finally, on the Friday Sid tells us that we are allowed to go. Storm Gareth has calmed down. The wind is well within the limits (20 m/hr, with gusts up to 40 m/hr). So at nine o’clock Bill and Marc head out of Salthouse Dock, to Mann Island. We follow fifteen minutes later, to Read More →