I f@$%#*g knew it! Something was wrong. How many people start their annual cruise in the middle of winter? How many cruising boats did I meet? We’re happily cruising down the Leeds & Liverpool, Bridgewater canal, Trent & Mersey, to the Shropshire Union. At Hurleston Junction we turn onto the Llangollen. Been there before. Like Read More →

So she finally found time to write… It will be me, then, to fill in the gaps, because (as per usual) she’s gone straight back to her crocheting. Crochet was also the main subject on the fifth of January. Five women, I counted (well, six, if you include Magda), visited me to have a crochet Read More →

Look at the pictures. Do you notice any differences? Well, I certainly do. About two weeks ago I had a Fumarioscopy by the well-know stove-doctor Garry Spruce. He realised immediately that I wasn’t feeling well. And yesterday I had surgery. Garry created a by-pass, and now everything flows a lot better. I don’t feel so Read More →

Well, if I don’t write, THEY certainly won’t. They’re way too busy, Lawrance with army things, Facebook and doctor’s appointments, and Magda… Hm, Magda, yes, what shall I say? She’s doing fine (I think), and she certainly is DOING. “Doing what?”, you will ask. CROCHETING* (of all things)! It all started pretty innocent. She made Read More →

Oh, I’m so happy! Can you imagine, I finally met my little sister! Altough little… she is 10 ft longer than I am. And she must have a different father, because she doesn’t look like me at all. I consider myself as (kind of) posh, she is more a working class girl. But we got Read More →

It’s exactly one year ago when I saw them for the first time. They seemed OK to me. For Magda it was love at first sight, and Lawrance definitely did like my name. I knew I would still miss the couple who designed me, and had me build, but Lawrance and Magda would be a lot Read More →

Happy New Year to everybody. Did you have a good New Year’s Eve? I didn’t. THEY LEFT ME ON MY OWN! Apparently they had a good time. They spent New Year’s Eve at a small farm, just outside St Helens. Magda made stamppot boerenkool (Curly Cale Hash) for the buffet, and (dressed in her Dutch Read More →

Did you see the silly Christmas card they made? With me, having a Christmas tree on the gas locker and one on the roof, as well as two sleighs? With ‘funny’ ornaments in the windows, and these horrible lights on top of everything? Making me feel like the Titanic, with all these icebergs around me? Read More →

Well, it took some time, but I think I look awsome now! First of all, my front doors are repaired. There is no cat flap anymore. The doors just need a touch-up with varnish, which (I hope) will happen some time next year. I got my new glasses, the ones without a mid-section. (A bit Read More →

I know there are things called Beauty Farms, but I’m not sure about Beauty Marinas. Not that it matters, though. I’m in one anyway. I will get some brand new features, and I’m looking forward to it! I already have my glasses removed. I’ll get one of those modern things, without a midsection. I also Read More →