I could just jump for joy. Not that I’m going to do that. No, it would cause chaos. A lot of casualties, a demolished shed. I would probably make the Nantwich Herald, tough. It’s my last hours in the paint shed. A party is planned for around lunchtime-ish, when I’m going to be revealed to Read More →

I consider myself to be a very special narrowboat. Not a ‘twenty-in-a-dozen’ off-the-peg boat, no. On this planet there is no boat like me. And over the last week I proved it again. Easter Sunday I’m completely ignored by Magda and Lawrance, when they visit the paint shed. It is time to discuss my make-up Read More →

Getting a complete make-over, like the one I’m getting now, is physically very stressy, for a delicate being like me. The out- and in the water, the much too hot shower just after that, the scabbling and the sanding. And then the ultimate thing: the little hairs of the paintbrushes. Because I’M TICKLISH. But it’s Read More →

Thirteen years ago today Magda and Lawrance met. On a boat, but one a wee bit bigger than I am. Two years ago today Magda got an email, telling her that they got a boat: ME. Subject to survey, of course, but I knew that a survey wouldn’t be a problem. A day ago today Read More →

And all my undies on! I consider the grey as my thermal undies. To keep me warm, but not visible to any passers-by. And since they are not pleasant to look at anyway, I really felt ashamed, all the time people could see me in them. But they are covered. Finally. I thought they would Read More →

I still think of myself as young and beautiful. Even being naked I think I look terrific. But what did I hear Magda say, when she came to visit me yesterday? “WRT, you’ve got wrinkles!” She was standing at the stern, looking over my roof. And all present agreed with her. Oh, I wish I Read More →

They always say that wearing a lot of (thin) layers is better to keep you warm than one thick layer. Can you imagine how flippin’ cold it was last night? With temperatures well below zero and with all your layers taken off? Luckily I was still wearing my socks and knickers… It was a tough Read More →

I f@$%#*g knew it! Something was wrong. How many people start their annual cruise in the middle of winter? How many cruising boats did I meet? We’re happily cruising down the Leeds & Liverpool, Bridgewater canal, Trent & Mersey, to the Shropshire Union. At Hurleston Junction we turn onto the Llangollen. Been there before. Like Read More →

So she finally found time to write… It will be me, then, to fill in the gaps, because (as per usual) she’s gone straight back to her crocheting. Crochet was also the main subject on the fifth of January. Five women, I counted (well, six, if you include Magda), visited me to have a crochet Read More →

Look at the pictures. Do you notice any differences? Well, I certainly do. About two weeks ago I had a Fumarioscopy by the well-know stove-doctor Garry Spruce. He realised immediately that I wasn’t feeling well. And yesterday I had surgery. Garry created a by-pass, and now everything flows a lot better. I don’t feel so Read More →