I’m just reading the new posts she put on the weblog, and I have the feeling she left out an important part of the cruising. So it is up to me to fill in the gaps. After spending some days with Pat and Stephen in Salt, they start cruising back to the Staffs&Worcs. And after Read More →

It’s quarter to ten in the morning. They did the daily checks. My engine is warmed up (not that the engine got any cold, last night). Fenders are on the roof. Off we go. To tick off another canal: the Erewash Canal. It’s even a new canal for me! I’m quite happy to start off Read More →

Swansong told me HE planned to head for London. And I told her SHE planned to do the Llangollen. But in the end me and her meet at Etruria.~ Best laid plans… Well, before I meet Swansong, Magda and Lawrance want to tick off another canal: the Caldon Canal. I told them I’ve been there Read More →

Just to let you all know: I’M SAFE (for the next four years, that is). Passed my examination with flying colours (of course)! Well, Magda was told: NOT TO TAKE OFF THE ALDE FLUE OUTLET AGAIN! I’ve told her that as well, but, as per usual, so far she didn’t listen to me… For the Read More →

Today, nineteen years ago, I was brought in this world. So today is my birthday. Like last year, and the year before, and the year before, and.. I was expecting HEAPS of birthday cards, and birthday wishes. Well, guess… I got a quick hug from Magda, and on she went, with whatever she is doing. Read More →

Or should that read: Icy red? There are a few possibilities. First of all, I must admit that I was glad Magda and Lawrance spent both Christmas and New Year at home. As per usual I looked gorgeous, with all the lights and decorations inside and outside. And because of the possibility of people visiting Read More →

I manage to convince them that today I really want to leave early. One: I have to negotiate a ferry cable (use the horn three times, and the ferry man lowers the cable), and two: I’ll meet up with Swansong. And what a timing: we arrive at the moorings at exactly the same moment! We Read More →

Over 2½ years we’ve been in contact, mostly via social media. We’ve kept each other informed about our adventures. But we never met… But finally we do. On the 7th of September 2016, in Wigan. Around midday Swansong moors herself just in front of me. After kisses and hugs we immediately start yapping, while Ian, Read More →

You think I’m green? No, not that green, you idiot! I’m a grown up girl, thank you. I mean green as in appearance. Like coming from Mars (would I be pink, if I came from Venus?). OK, I’m green with a bit of black, to be precise. Today she offers to do the locks, coming Read More →

I’m still in Swanley Bridge Marina. Today I get my new engine covers; the last job before we set sail, so to speak. Because I’m more experienced than Magda and Lawrance I try to tell them how to handle me, now I’m freshly painted. Should have done that earlier: the first paint is allready off…! Read More →