Most countries on the continent will broadcast the New Year’s Concert in Vienna. I didn’t spot it in the TV-guide, although BBC Two did show it. So I missed it. But that’s not a problem. Ann has bought two tickets for me and her, to go to the New Year’s Concert of the Scottish Chamber Read More →

Sometime last year, probably when we were on the Mon&Brec, the word pantomime was mentioned. I must have said that I had never seen a real pantomime. Wrong, of course, because here I am, in the restored and redeveloped Perth Theatre, to watch it’s first production: Aladdin. And I’m in for a great surprise… To Read More →

It was not the last post on the weblog either (see Last Post?). And the home-made products are increasing. Just imagine yourself in Tesco, on the Friday before Christmas. It’s absolutely packed, with people trying to buy things they usually never buy. One of these people is me. We’re having our annual Christmas get-together. Being Read More →

Do you know what this is? It’s part of a IWA Waterways Map, with parts of the canals we’ve cruised so far. Cruised canals are in red. Do you notice that small red dot, just under the name Trevor? No, that is not me, accidentally touching that spot with a red pencil. We cruised it. Read More →

When, after this post, it is silent for a very long time, then you know it all went wrong. Remember I started making my own sauerkraut (Out of the Blue)? Well, that first attempt wasn’t really successful. Not having the right equipment, and not treating the white cabbage the right way, I ended up with Read More →

It’s that time of the year. In Holland people will celebrate Sinterklaas. Or, more precise, celebrate the name day of Saint Nicholas on 6 December, by giving gifts on St. Nicholas’ Eve (5 December). There are a lot of sweets involved, like speculaas (spiced cookies), kruidnoten (mini spiced cookies, also called ginger nuts), pepernoten (small Read More →

Delftware is still haunting me. And because I’m worth it, I decide to have a second Pandora bracelet. This time with proper Dutch beads. It has everything, from a windmill, wooden shoes (well, sort of) via a kissing Dutch couple to a bag of fries. And not only because I’m worth it, I’ve also been Read More →

Happy Birthday

By writing all the previous posts at the same time I forgot to mention a lot of things. One of it: the amount of objects in the Dutch shrine has miraculously increased, over the summer. First of all, thanks to Annemarie of Dubbel Dutch. She gave me two Delft blue windmills while we were in Read More →

All the way up till today. I know, it doesn’t look like I didn’t write, but I certainly didn’t. All the posts between the 11th of August (Complete the opposite) and this one are written today. The reason for this? Too busy, no internet, computer not charged, not a lot of pictures, etc etc. At Read More →